For patients

ZENSEGRITY is a completely client-based form of treatment. You will receive an individual diagnosis and your therapist will work hard to find out how he can help you. Sometimes the therapist will work on areas where you don’t feel any problems at all. Why would he do that?

If you have no light in your basement, what do you do? You check the light-bulb, check the switch, check the fuse, and maybe even the cable. Sometimes even more than one component is damaged.

The therapy can be uncomfortable, but no tissue will be damaged. There is the possibility of an initial worsening of your symptoms, as your body needs to clear away everything that your therapist released.

We recommend after treatment to:

  • exercise lightly
  • drink lots of fluid
  • avoid heat (Sauna, hot tub, thermal band-aids…) for at least 12 hours